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Pirates often banded together for many reasons. They may for survival…or for profit, but never have they banded together for others… until now.

What you see before you is Krewe of Blackbeard’s Revenge, the dream of a handful of Tampa’s finest pirates, working hand in hand with local charities to make a difference. Do you have what it takes to make a difference?

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Today I had a reality moment, the Krewe had a car wash and I could not participate because I had to work. I did though get my jeep washed. The team had such great spirit and pride It brought a tear to my eyes. I just want everyone to know that every time someone thanks me personally for what we do I say no! I could not do any of this with out the unbelievable support that this Krewe ! This is why we are a Krewe and we are one! I say thank you

Darrell Haun

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Kickoff 2015 Pillage and Plunder Party at Home Port . 3pm MEMBERS ONLY no children please. Live Music followed by Karaoke. Food will be supplied. BYOB Towel and chair. Also bring a tent or check and see we will have sleeping arrangements for around 15 or so people.
3rd payment due. Coins and 2015 shirts will be at this meeting
http://www.aquaticwildernessadventures.com/ Were going to meet at aquatic wilderness adventures which you take a tram up to KP hole. The cost is 10$ and five dollars each to enter KP hole. 7 bucks if you bring your float. It's a 4-hour float, and you get out within 50 yards of where you park. Once we get off the river there i s a full service cafe/bar we can have lunch at. This is a family friendly event feel free to bring your kids and other friends.

You will need to book how their passport reads, (legal name) so have that ready when you call to book.

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