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Pirates often banded together for many reasons. They may for survival…or for profit, but never have they banded together for others… until now.

What you see before you is Krewe of Blackbeard’s Revenge, the dream of a handful of Tampa’s finest pirates, working hand in hand with local charities to make a difference. Do you have what it takes to make a difference?

The Tampa Truck Store

A HUGE THANK YOU is in order for the sponsorship of The Tampa Truck Store and the use of the BIG, BEAUTIFUL Denali HD tow vehicle for the Children's and Gasparilla Parades.  If you need a Big, Beautiful truck for yourself, I would strongly suggest you check out these amazing people.  Give them a call at (813) 438-8507 or check them out on the web at tampatruckstore.com

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Next Meeting
Sat, February 7, 5pm at WingHouse, 8001 West Hillsborough Avenue, Tampa, FL 33615


Fri, January 23 6pm – 8pm at Home Port.  Must pick up wristbands.  Bags NO boxes


The Children’s Gasparilla Parade will begin at Bay to Bay Blvd. & Bayshore Blvd., proceed north along Bayshore, and end at Watrous/Orleans Avenues & Bayshore (approx. 1.8 miles